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Lionel Audant

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Lionel Audant
Ph. D., Vice-President Research

Lionel Audant, Ph.D. - VP RechercheAs Vice-President of research, Lionel is the motor force behind the concepts, the theories and the founding of Unimasoft. Responsible for elaborating theories towards the conversion of text into images and the development of the future Unimasoft software products, Lionel contributes widely with his visionary powers to mobilize the political, human and financial resources of the firm.

Lionel’s wide experience integrates philosophy and administration. As project director collaborating with organisms such as CECI, FAES (World Bank) and the Bureau for Commercialization Help (Haïti), Lionel Audant is known as an executive committed and efficient. While teaching philosophy at François-Xavier Garneau Cegep, he has also conceived and founded the Center for International Development. Lionel Audant detains a diploma in linguistics from the University of Paris V (Sorbonne), along with a diploma in Administration, a diploma in Post-Graduate Studies from Laval University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Laval University.

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