Unimasoft offers to its employees exceptional career possibilities. Personal development, schedule flexibility, creativity enticement, sense of responsibility, mutual reliability and trust, team training, world vision, etc. These are a few of the assets that you will find when collaborating with Unima. A high technology firm, the executive board of Unima insists on the creative capacity of its team.

The Unima culture


Unimasoft is a true beehive. Nothing is more inspiring than to see passionate people at work, be it about marketing, design, software development, philosophy, didactic or research. Unima’s employees are resourceful, persevering and committed. If we trace the source of these qualities, we find passion, pure and simple.

Innovation and creativity

At Unimasoft’s, there is no limit to creativity. Open-mindedness and free circulation of information lead to marvelous ideas.


Nobody detains the absolute truth and it is through the collaboration and the work of a team that we can solve complex problems and ultimately overpower challenges. At Unima’s, we encourage curiosity, share of information and regular questioning of our routine procedures. We sincerely believe that everybody can contribute to improve the work place.

Competitive remuneration and social benefits

Unimasoft recognizes the importance of well-being for its employees and offers them competitive remuneration and social benefits. The plans can vary from one person to another, depending on individual needs, but they are all complete and include the following elements :

- Health Insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Life Insusrance
- Sick leave
- Parental leave

Furthermore, employees proving exceptional efficiency can gain stock options and rewards from the executive.